Payroll Solutions

  • Payroll Solutions offer a complete suite of products and services to help manage your payroll needs.

    You may have employees that already have an established bank account, employees that desire to initiate a bank account or employees who do not want or may not qualify for a bank account. With BankPlus Payroll Solutions, you now have the opportunity to enjoy a complete direct deposit solution that meets the individual needs of every employee*.

    Payroll Solutions is comprised of three direct deposit solutions to help you manage your payroll more effectively while meeting the individual needs of every employee.

    • Direct Deposit
      You can offer Direct Deposit of Payroll to your employees who already have an established checking account.
    • GroupPlus
      GroupPlus is a personal banking program available to participating businesses offering employees the convenience of Direct Deposit, and much more.
    • Payroll Card
      The PayrollPlus Card, offered through Prepaid Technologies, allows you to offer a direct deposit option to employees, who do not want or may not qualify for a checking account.

    *Some restrictions may apply

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